What Is TSX 100 Mesh Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen is a common large vibrating machine, mainly used for screening, desliming, dewatering, each vibrating screen has different screen plates for selection, and use can be selected according to the needs of customers. You can also choose according to the size of the material.

The 100 mesh vibrating screen is a vibrating screen that screens different sizes of stone per hour, the equipment has the characteristics of high screening and grading accuracy, large processing capacity, simple structure and easy maintenance, suitable for mining, concrete and chemical industry for product grading use.The larger the number of mesh, the more holes, the finer the material size, the smaller the particle size; 100 mesh sieve mesh size is 0.150mm.
  TSX100 vibrating screen has the characteristics of equipment can be changed to several materials, technology and specifications, good closure, no dust spill, easy for environmental protection, equipment can be closed dust collection 5 meters / room, to avoid dust pollution. The sieve is closed as a whole, and the dustproof effect is remarkable.

Adopting flexible connection such as cross shaft universal joint drive shaft or rubber coupling, the operation is smooth. The tilt of the screen surface is well adjusted, and the tilt will not block the material; the base of the equipment is padded with a roller plate made of polyurethane plate, which not only improves the service life of the equipment, but also avoids the difficulty of handling the equipment.

The screen surface uses special screen mesh with perforated strips welded on the top, such screen mesh is used for a long time, with remarkable screening effect and easy to replace; rubber vibration isolation spring is used, with long life, low noise, smooth over resonance area, etc..

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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