What Is TSX Banana Sieve?

Banana screen is named because it looks like a banana, banana vibrating screen with a box type ZDQ series exciter, higher capaciINty, is a linear vibrating screen can be used for grading, desliming, desizing, feed size 0-300 mm, can be screened large and medium size of coal, non-coal material classification. The screen plates used are slit, woven, bar, perforated and polyurethane screen plates.

The screen surface of banana sieve is divided into several areas with different inclination angles, with outlet and inlet, and the ratio of the amount and flow speed of different materials in the area is approximately the same.

Banana sieve is a cycle of work, repeated vibration movement to and fro, so that the material on the screen plate in a straight line moving sieve, the slope of the inlet end is larger, with the downward extension of the slope is smaller and smaller, until the outlet, and then the side view is like a banana, so the slope of each part is not the same, the flow rate is not the same, the purpose of this is to make the large materials faster sieve through, small materials earlier through the screen hole, greatly improving the efficiency.

But also reduce the use of occupying the ground, now in mines, coal processing plants are used in large quantities. In terms of coal processing, screening technology is also particularly important, the use of screening machinery can make the production of particle size, moisture and ash indicators to reach the user requirements of coal products, but also in the realization of the rational use of coal resources and protection of the environment and coal enterprises to create economic benefits, etc., are playing an important role.

Banana sieve has the characteristics of advanced design, high efficiency, simple operation, good maintenance, low noise, etc. Vibrating screen machine is composed of vibrating motor, screen frame, screen mesh and vibration isolation equipment and bottom frame. High-strength bolts or rivets are used to connect the side plates and crossbeams, and the screen machine has advantages such as good structure and sealing.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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