What Is TSX Cement Vibrating Screen?

Cement vibrating screen is a screening machine designed for cement, lime and similar powdery materials; Simple operation, compact structure, easy

Less damaged parts, easy to maintain; The new energy-saving vibration motor is used as the vibration source, mainly including single vibration motor and double vibration motor.

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Construction form; Cement vibrating screen is mainly used for cement clinker grading and finished product screening to remove foreign matters. The screen mesh is mostly woven mesh: vibration damping device installation side type — generally seat type. There are two types of damping spring: steel spring and rubber spring.

Structural characteristics of cement vibrating screen:

1.The machine has advanced structure: volume, light weight, high efficiency, low noise, stable operation, and vibration motor is used to drive the screen


  1. High quality high manganese steel woven mesh is used, which is durable and easy to replace and maintain. The mesh is generally 4 * 4mm or 5 * 5mm; just so so

Customized according to customer requirements;

  1. Compared with rotary screen, it has remarkable power saving benefit and ultra-high screening efficiency.

Main application scope and purpose of cement vibrating screen:

The cement vibrating screen has a reasonable structure and is unique and novel. This machine is widely used to screen cement.The machine base type or hanging type can be used.

Maintenance and overhaul of cement vibrating screen:

When the vibration motor has been running for about 1000 hours, the bearing should be cleaned and the grease should be replaced. Regular maintenance is also required; One minor repair every three months and one major repair every year. When the screen mesh needs to be replaced, first remove the cover plate and loosen the screen pressing strip. After the strip is taken out, take out the old screen and put the new screen of the same size into the support, and re press the screen pressing strip one by one. When the screen spring needs to be replaced, pay attention that the spring and others do not fall into the bin to avoid jamming the packing machine impeller.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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