What Is TSX Circular Motion Vibrating Screen?

Circular vibrating screen has simple and compact structure, high stiffness, high strength, balanced force distribution, large safety factor, reasonable setting of vibration parameters, avoiding the inherent frequency of the screen body at all levels, reducing the influence of resonance, long service life.

In which the circular vibrating screen can be used for the first and second classification of conventional materials, using RDQ series exciter, feed size 0-300mm.

Operation: the service life of the sieve body can reach 10 years, and the noise is low. The noise is within 1 meter, the working noise is less than 80 decibels, smooth operation, the whole machine working system is S1, to ensure 24 hours of stable and continuous work, using imported FFT professional frequency analyzer for frequency response and dynamic analysis, a complete range, can fully meet the size of the material characteristics and processing capacity of the screening process requirements.

Sieve machine operation and maintenance is simple, safe to use, cost-effective, sufficient spare parts, service The machine is easy to operate and maintain, safe to use, cost-effective, sufficient spare parts, timely and considerate service.

All components are made of high quality structural steel, and sandblasted and painted anti-corrosion treatment, all support surfaces are waterproof sealing treatment, to meet the requirements of the harsh environment on site. The same is also applicable to a variety of scenarios to meet different needs.
For circular vibrating screen models include: side plate, driving mechanism, lifting beam, exciter, buffer spring and screen surface.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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