What Is TSX Circular Motion Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen can be divided into resonance screen and inertial vibrating screen according to whether the vibration frequency is close to or far from the resonance frequency. Resonance screen once rose, which was widely valued by all countries and developed rapidly;

However, in production practice, it has exposed the shortcomings of complex structure, difficult adjustment, and many failures. The inertial vibrating screen is widely used because of its simple structure, reliable operation and easy maintenance. The inertial vibrating screen is driven by the inertial vibrator with eccentric block fixed in the middle to make the screen box vibrate.

Its vibration exciter is a shaft and works by using an inertial motor; Use a vibratory motor to stimulate work.  The material is widely dispersed, which can reduce the hole plugging phenomenon.The spindle of the circular motion vibrating screen can be turned over to improve screening efficiency.

It is beneficial to the screening of materials difficult to screen. The curved screen surface of the circular vibrating screen increases the effective area, which can improve the processing capacity.

 The screen machine is simple in structure and convenient in maintenance. Tire coupling is used for flexible connection and smooth operation.If the vibrator is more than six months from the date of delivery, it must be disassembled, cleaned and assembled again, and replaced with clean lubricating oil.  The four corners of the screen box are provided with lifting lugs, and the four corners of the supporting under frame are provided with lifting holes. The whole screen shall not be lifted directly on the vibrator according to the requirements of the drawing.

It is a new vibrating screen with multiple layers and high efficiency.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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