What Is TSX Circular Vibrating Screen Used For?

Circular vibrating screen, also known as circular vibrating screen, is used for primary and secondary classification of materials, and the feeding particle size is 0-300mm. RDQ vibrator is adopted for circular vibrating screen, and the applicable sieve plates include perforated sieve plate, woven sieve plate and strip sieve plate, which are used for screening medium and coarse bulk materials.

The work of circular vibrating screen is to operate by indirect excitation of screen mesh, and the whole screen frame is driven by unbalanced mass, resulting in the final circular vibration movement. The second key feature is that the transmission angle of the non directional vibration of the annular vibration system is very steep.

In order to achieve a stable and appropriate transport speed, the screen area must be further tilted, so this is the main reason why the transmission angle must be tilted. The test shows that the optimum angle is 15 ° to 30 °. Compared with the complex vibrator, the circular vibrating screen consumes less power.

Enterprises can save a lot of machine function costs. As the screening equipment for multi-layer materials, customers can apply to the circular vibrating screen manufacturer for customized circular vibrating screen according to their own requirements for the size of screening materials, so as to provide users with professional production work.

As a leading supplier in the industry, our sieves can be selected with confidence, and after-sales service is also guaranteed. Whether you are looking to replace some parts of the screening machine or replace a new machine, we can provide you with a variety of mesh sizes and manufacturing specifications.

Our circular vibrating screen can be divided into one layer, double layer and three layers. In order to meet the requirements of the current customer’s standard screen frame size. Generally speaking, we support customization and can guarantee that your goods will arrive within a certain time after you place an order.

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TSX Screen

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