What Is TSX Coal Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen is a kind of sieving, dewatering and desliming, mostly used in coal, mineral materials screening, in the production line above often need vibrating screen to match, vibrating screen using the repeated vibration of the screen to produce separation of materials, so that the surface tension of materials containing water is reduced.

TSX coal vibrating screen structure is simple and compact, rigidity, high strength, balanced force distribution, large safety factor, reasonable vibration parameter settings, The advantages of high efficiency, low tolerance rate and long service life. Its components include: side plate, driving mechanism, lifting beam, exciter, buffer spring and screen surface.

It is a kind of sieve with high efficiency, safety, even force, long service life, low noise, smooth operation and high cost performance, which can screen coal powder efficiently.

The working principle of coal vibrating screen is: the exciter in the vibrating screen will drive the vibration, and the material will be screened on the screen for movement. Because the screen itself will have a curvature, will make the material pass quickly, at the same time forward to do linear motion, through the screen, the large aperture will be intercepted in the coal dust such as wood chips and wire debris to the top of the screen, some coal dust will go to the bottom of the screen, sieve good coal dust will be gathered together through the discharge port discharge.

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The raw coal will be divided into different granularity levels for grading operation for sieving, separating the large pieces from the small pieces, the large pieces need to be re-processed to avoid the waste of unwanted energy, to correspond well as the culinary ones, otherwise it will seriously affect the sieving results .

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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