What Is TSX Coil Spring For Vibrating Screen ?

The coil spring of vibrating screen is one of the common elastic working mechanical parts in the screen market at present.The springs on the shale shaker are made of high-quality galvanized spring steel, which is not easy to rust and decay, and has a long service life.

The model, stiffness, turns, wire diameter and other data of the vibrating screen spring are directly related to the screening effect of the equipment.

The function of the spring is to control the movement, buffering, shock absorption, output energy and output capacity value in the vibration of the rotary shale shaker. In short, the force in the motor vibration is transmitted to the screen through the spring. The track and size of the force directly affect the screening effect of the rotary vibrating screen.

The coil spring of the vibrating screen is a cylindrical spiral spring. Because the rubber internal resistance of rubber spring and composite spring is relatively large, manganese steel spring is most commonly used in general rotary shale shaker. Only when the machine model is too large, such as 1800 or 2000 rotary shale shaker, or the number of layers is too large, consider using rubber spring or composite spring. These are considered according to the weight of spring loaded screen body and the feeding amount. The spring wire diameter is selected according to the strength condition, and the number of spring coils is selected according to the stiffness condition. Only by selecting the appropriate spring of the rotary shale shaker can the performance of the machine be fully exerted.

Vibrating Motor For Dehydration Vibrating Screen

The main components of the vibrating screen are box, vibrating motor and damping spring.  The damping spring on the vibrating screen can be made of different materials according to different vibrating screens and screened materials. The main materials of damping spring are rubber, metal spring, air spring, cork, felt, etc.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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