What Is TSX Dry Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen is widely used for screening and impurity removal of various types of materials, whether dry or wet. Dry powder vibrating screen refers to the application of vibrating screen in dry materials.

Brief introduction of mine vibrating screen for dry screening coal

The structure is reasonable, solid and durable.

Installation and commissioning of ZSG series mining heavy vibrating screen:

Sieve Bends Sand Mesh Sieve

  1. Before installation, the concrete foundation shall be made according to the installation drawing, and the anchor bolts or embedded steel plates and embedded steel plates shall be embedded

Flatness error ≤ 3mm.

  1. After installation, check and adjust the levelness spring to make the force on each support position uniform, and the motor axis should be lower than

The axis of the vibrator shall be 3-5 mm, and the supporting spring at the symmetrical point shall be horizontal and equal in height (error ≤ 3 mm).

  1. Start the machine for a short time and check the rotation direction of the two vibration sources to make them opposite.

■ Maintenance and operation of ZSG series mining heavy-duty vibrating screen:

  1. Before starting the screen machine, check whether the fastening bolts are loose, and re tighten them if they are loose.
  2. The screen machine operates for 4-6 hours without load. The screen body is required to operate stably without yaw and abnormal sound. The bearing temperature of the vibration exciter is ≤ 75 ° C.
  3. After idling, the bolts of each part shall be tightened again.
  4. Check the condition of wearing parts frequently, and replace the damaged or inelastic damping spring in time.

In case of looseness, crack or wear, the screen shall be fastened or replaced in time. For the adjustment, use and maintenance of the vibration source, please refer to the vibration source user manual (oil the vibration motor after 3 months of use, oil the exciter once a month, conduct minor repair every six months, and conduct major repair every year).

  1. Stop feeding before stopping the machine, and stop the machine after the materials on the screen surface have gone.
TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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