What Is TSX Eccentric Shaft Design For Vibrating Screen?

When the eccentric shaft of the vibrating screen is working, the screen body is in a vibrating state, so it is called a vibrating screen. Due to the strong vibration perpendicular to or close to the screen surface. The fine particles smaller than the sieve mesh quickly pass through the sieve mesh and become products. Vibrating screen has high processing capacity and screening efficiency up to 80%. It is widely used in mineral processing technology.

There are many kinds of shale shakers, and the shapes of all kinds of shale shakers are basically the same, but the components and working principles that make the screen vibrate are different. Vibrating screen includes eccentric vibrating screen, inertial vibrating screen, self centering vibrating screen, etc. Here is a common eccentric vibrating screen.

Eccentric shale shaker is called eccentric shale shaker because it vibrates due to the high-speed rotation of eccentric transmission shaft.

  • Structure of eccentric vibrating screen: eccentric vibrating screen is mainly composed of screen frame, screen surface, eccentric transmission shaft, disc, counterweight and other main parts:


The screen frame of eccentric vibrating screen is welded into a rectangular outer frame with ordinary steel plate, on which is fixed a perforated screen surface or a metal woven steel screen surface with suitable shape and size of screen holes, between the eccentric transmission shaft and the two sides of the screen frame are equipped with rolling bearings, and both sides of the transmission shaft are installed in the rolling bearings, The sieve is installed on the foundation at an inclined angle of 15 ° – 25 °. There is a disc on both sides of the shaft, on which a counterweight is installed.

  • Working process and principle of eccentric vibrating screen, The product is discharged from the end of the screen as the product on the screen, so as to achieve the goal of dividing the particle group consisting of various particle sizes into products of different particle sizes.

In the process of high-speed vibration, the eccentric vibrating screen is subject to a large inertial force. The inertial force generated is equal to and opposite to the inertial force of the screen, ensuring stable and reliable operation of the eccentric vibrating screen. If necessary, adjust the distance between counterweight and eccentric shaft to meet the above requirements

The eccentric vibrating screen is a rigid vibration. Although the amplitude does not change with the change of the load on the screen, it produces strong vibration in the work, which is very unfavorable to machinery and buildings. New concentrators are rarely used.

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