What Is TSX Eccentric Shaft For Vibrating Screen?

As we all know, the main shafts of SZZ series=screens and simple inertial screens are concentric shafts. The principle is that they are composed of bearing position steps, eccentric disc steps, belt pulley steps and fastening threads, and the eccentric block rotates at high speed to generate vibration force.

Y series circular vibrating screen spindle produced by Xinxiang vibrating screen manufacturer uses eccentric shaft. The advantages of eccentric shaft compared with straight shaft are as follows:

  1. When the eccentric shaft is used as the main shaft, the eccentric mass in the middle rotates at a high speed to balance (reduce) the bending moment of the shaft caused by the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the two eccentric plates; At the same time, the diameter of the eccentric shaft is smaller than the diameter of the straight shaft, so using it as the main shaft saves materials and reduces the screening weight to a certain extent; The straight shaft tends to bend, which will produce axial tension on the bearing;
  2. The eccentric shaft is used. The eccentric mass in the middle of the shaft will also generate centrifugal exciting force when rotating at high speed like the eccentric weight plate, which can strengthen the vibration intensity and ensure the screening effect of Y series circular vibrating screen. Large vibrating screens (especially those with wide screen surface) produced by vibrating screen manufacturers are generally designed with eccentric shafts;

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3.For the bearing step, there is also a design of taper shaft step, which is used to expand the bearing with tight bushing and taper.            Theoretically, it is easy to assemble and disassemble the bearing with the tight bushing, but because the machining accuracy of the taper of the tight bushing is difficult to ensure, the bearing is often loose and the bushing and shaft are worn.

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TSX Screen

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