What Is TSX Eccentric Vibrating Screen?

TSX has many kinds of vibrating screen of which eccentric vibrating screen is one of them, relying on the eccentric rotation shaft driven by the operation of the eccentric vibrator, eccentric vibrator mainly consists of screen plate, eccentric rotation shaft, disc, etc. Eccentric vibrating screen like other screen plate will have a rectangular frame on the outside, is made of steel plate, there will be some holes on it like polyurethane or steel structure in the shape of punching, weaving, and there are rolling bearings on The angle of inclination is about 15-25 degrees.

The role of eccentric vibrating screen is used to sieve and classify materials, and has the characteristics of low noise, easy maintenance, high efficiency, simple structure, etc., which ensures the correct operation of the screen. It is widely used in coal, construction industry, etc.

Eccentric vibrating screen work eccentric shaft constantly rotating, when the eccentric distance upward movement screen surface, screen material is thrown up and loose, when the eccentric distance downward movement screen surface, thrown up material by self-weight fall back to the screen surface, material in the screen surface after many times thrown up.

The material is thrown up for many times on the screen surface, and the fine particles smaller than the screen hole become the product on the screen through the screen hole 7L, and the coarse particles larger than the screen hole are sieved, and the product is discharged from the end of the screen, which achieves the purpose of sieving the particle groups of various sizes into different size level products.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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