What Is TSX Elliptical Motion Vibrating Screen?

Elliptical vibrating screen The shaker of the screen machine is composed of three shafts with eccentric blocks, and its motion track is an elliptical vibrating screen.Elliptical vibrating screen is a relatively new type of screening machinery vibrating screen, which has high screening efficiency and screen output per unit area, low power silt consumption, difficult screen plugging, simple structure and convenient operation.

Vibrating screen is divided into inertial vibrating screen, eccentric vibrating screen and cam type vibrating screen Rod vibrating screen, ball vibrating screen, electromagnetic vibrating screen, etc Elliptical vibrating screen belongs to one of inertial vibrating screens. It is used to screen materials through high-frequency elliptical vibration produced by screen machine supported on spring support due to the divergent force generated by high-speed rotation of 1i7 unbalanced weight.

Elliptical motion vibrating screenis a kind of vibrating screen with circular motion track, which has the advantages of high efficiency, high screening accuracy, wide range of applications, etc.It is applicable to the screening of solvent and cold sinter in metallurgical industry, ore classification in mining industry, classification, dehydration and disintermediation in coal industry. It is an ideal substitute for existing large vibrating screen and imported products from abroad.

Working principle

The elliptical vibrating screen motor is driven by a V-belt to make the eccentric block of the vibrator rotate at high speed, generating a large centrifugal inertial force.

Why is one of them called linear shale shaker and the other called circular shale shaker? It is not to say that one of their appearances or shapes is straight and the other is round, but they are named according to the motion track of their screen box. The motion track of the screen box of the linear vibrating screen is directional linear vibration, while the motion track of the screen box of the circular vibrating screen is circular (there is also an elliptical vibrating screen track), and the vibrator has only one axis.

Circular Motion Sand Mesh Sieve

In addition, because the screen surface of the linear vibrating screen is rectilinear reciprocating motion, the upper material layer is also subject to compaction in the process of jumping and falling while moving forward, so it is more suitable for dehydration, desliming, deliquescence and removal of heavy media during heavy media beneficiation, and is widely used in coal preparation plants and ore dressing plants.

The circular vibrating screen is mostly used in the material classification of sand and gravel plants, building materials, electric power and other departments.It can be seen from this that although linear vibrating screen and circular vibrating screen belong to the same category of vibrating screen, there are still great differences between them. The difference lies in their working principles and functions.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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