What Is TSX Elliptical Vibrating Screen?

Elliptical vibrating screen is also called circular vibrating screen. The elliptical vibrating screen is called the circular vibrating screen for short because its motion track is similar to a circle.

Circular Motion Sand Mesh Sieve

Fault analysis and solution

1) Uneven feeding: The feeding hopper entering the circular vibrating screen is a herringbone shaped hopper. However, the feeding belt often deviates and the hopper accumulates mud, resulting in uneven material distribution, which leads to serious overload of one screen and nearly no-load operation of the other screen. Therefore, the screen is often worn unevenly and damaged quickly.

2) The circular vibrating screen always runs under overload, resulting in rapid screen damage, flexible coupling tear, spring damage, beam fracture, box opening and a series of other failures.

Rectification measures for circular vibrating screen

In view of the above problems, rectification has been carried out from the following three aspects.

(1) Add a distributor. In view of the uneven distribution of the hopper, the hopper shall be modified. A distributor shall be added at the belt feeding place. The distributor can move left and right according to the belt deviation. The ore can be evenly divided into the hoppers on both sides and into the circular vibrating screen, so that the feeding on both sides is relatively balanced, and the problem of uneven feeding can be solved well. For example, the super wear-resistant Xinhai wear-resistant screen is used, which is wear-resistant and anti-corrosion, and has a long service life.

(2) Reduce the height difference and adjust the position of the feeding funnel. In view of the problem of excessive impact force, by reducing the height difference between the discharge end of the funnel and the feeding end of the circular vibrating screen, the ore flows smoothly into the circular vibrating screen, greatly reducing the impact force of the ore on the circular vibrating screen, making the circular vibrating screen more balanced, and effectively solving the problems of box cracking, longitudinal beam fracture, etc.

(3) Increase the gradient of the screen surface and increase the ore movement speed. The ore moves slowly on the screen surface, resulting in thick ore deposit on the screen surface and serious ore pressure. The amplitude adjustment is completed by adding eccentric blocks. The practice of adjusting the amplitude of circular vibrating screen in production shows that the effect is not obvious. Therefore, in practice, the angle of the circular vibrating screen is generally adjusted. When the feeding amount is unchanged, the gradient of the circular vibrating screen is increased to improve the running speed of the ore and reduce the residence time of the ore on the screen.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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