What is TSX Gold Vibrating Screen?

Gold vibrating screen has a circular elliptical or linear motion, mainly used for mining, ore screening and grading, gold vibrating screen is a new type of screening and grading tool to meet the needs of the mining industry. Gold screen is composed of screen body: side plate, cross beam, lifting beam exciter, buffer spring, screen plate, screen box and force transmission shaft.

Gold vibrating screen adopts double shaft excitation source excitation, which can screen and process ore more effectively and achieve material classification more efficiently, simple operation and less energy consumption.

Will be different according to the water content or the requirements reached, the sieve movement is different, linear or circular, elliptical movement, processing capacity is different its sieve surface vibration frequency, amplitude is not quite the same, will change according to the change of materials. The sieve box and frame of the sieve machine are not affected by vibration and have a long service life.

Gold sieve to do circular motion is conducive to the screening and classification of viscous and wet materials, which will grow in contact with the sieve surface, the sieve can better sieve the material, the material is easier to pass the sieve surface, greatly improving the efficiency of screening, in the case of less material sieve linear motion, the screening rate will be high.

The advantages of gold sieve sieve body is closed, easy to maintain, conducive to environmental protection, amplitude in 10-20 mm, low energy consumption.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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