What Is TSX Inclined Vibrating Screen?

There are many different kinds of vibrating screens, each different kind has its role, and the factors that affect the power of these vibrating screens are inclination angle, screen hole size, vibration frequency, etc. Inclined vibrating screen is a way to speed up the material screening. Such as the following
  Banana screen uses box-type exciter to produce linear excitation force, so that the material on the screen surface continuously do inclined upward throwing motion. Banana sieve using variable inclination screen, the inlet end screen inclination angle is large, the material movement speed is fast, the material layer height only up to the usual screening 1/3 to 1/4, at the same time, the large pieces of material into the material quickly through the steep slope to achieve rapid stratification of materials,

So that the fine grain materials contact the screen surface earlier; close to the discharge end screen inclination angle gradually becomes smaller, the running speed is then slowed down, the sieve material is also reduced due to the permeability of the screen, so that the screen surface material to maintain The thickness of the screen surface is equal, which is conducive to increasing the probability of difficult to sieve materials.

Banana screen with large capacity, high screening efficiency and reliability, commonly used in coal processing plants for desliming, dewatering, desmearing, is rapidly promoted in China, and has attracted many domestic scholars to research on it.
For high frequency sieve, the inclination angle of the wet screening device is generally about 25 degrees, according to the size of the feed to adjust the inclination angle of the screen surface, when the inclination angle of 55 degrees when the screening efficiency of about 75%.

Coal probability screen using the inclination angle of 30 ° ~ 60 ° screen surface, compared to the screening of materials in the horizontal or slightly inclined screen surface, the average speed can be increased by about 3 to 4 times. As the average speed is obviously increased, the material layer is thinned, which is conducive to the rapid passage of material particles through the screen holes and greatly improves the output of the sifter.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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