What Is TSX Inclined Vibrating Screen?

In the field of screening and crushing, the inclined mining vibrating screen has become a kind of equipment that attracts much attention in the mechanical industry, and is widely used in coal mines, metal mines, quarries, cement plants, steel plants and other industries. It has unparalleled reliability and high productivity, low consumption, simple maintenance, long service life, and is favored by many customers.

An inclined vibrating screen belongs to the technical field of vibrating screening devices, in particular to a slope type vibrating screen for screening ungranulated powder remaining in polyolefin cylindrical granulation products The utility model provides a slope type vibrating screen with small floor area, effective heat dissipation, and effective separation of columnar materials and powdery materials.

The utility model includes a vibration case with a vibration device, the upper end of the vibration case is a feed inlet, and the lower end of the vibration case is a granular outlet, which is characterized in that the included angle between the vibration case and the ground is 50 °~60 °; A sieve plate group is arranged in the vibration box, and the sieve plate group is composed of a first sieve plate arranged on the lower side of the vibration box and a second sieve plate arranged on the upper side of the vibration box; The included angle between the first sieve plate and the lower side of the vibrating case is 25 °~35 °.


  1. It adopts the rolling conveying principle, with small friction coefficient, light wear, and non clogging screen holes.
  2. Safe and reliable operation, small belt power, low energy consumption, and effective energy conservation.
  3. One time investment, small investment capital, large processing capacity (thousands of tons of daily processing capacity), and high recovery.


TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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