What Is TSX Industrial Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen is a kind of widely used, with screening, grading, dewatering, desliming, desmearing and many other uses in mining, coal plant, chemical plant, construction and other places, industrial vibrating screen is an efficient and economical screening system.

The screening efficiency of vibrating screen is influenced by the characteristics of the material itself, the surface moisture of the material, the size and shape of the screen hole, the length and width of the screen surface, the inclination of the screen surface, the size of the material mass, the number of vibrations of the screen body and the amplitude of the screen, etc.

As for the surface moisture of the material, it is generally believed that when the external moisture of the material is 7% to 14% and dry screening is carried out under 13mm, it is in a difficult screening State, especially for fine satin coal sieving. This is because the external moisture of the homogeneous section will make the fine particles stick to each other into a group, well attached to the large pieces. This sticky material will block the sieve holes and make it difficult for the fine particles to pass through the screen.

Society is still developing and progressing, and vibrating screen, as a common engineering machinery, has been widely developed and applied in many industrial production fields in China. The requirements for screening machines are also increasing, TSX industrial vibrating screen has the characteristics of high efficiency, easy operation, maintenance-free low noise, etc., and can run for a long time


TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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