What Is TSX Jaw Crusher Vibrating Screen?

Jaw crusher

Feed size: 430~1360mm

Throughput: 50~1500t/h

Mining machinery, building materials, infrastructure and others are important crushers. In the sand production line, there are three types of large crushers, medium crushers and small crushers according to the inlet width. Large crushers with inlet width of more than 600MM and medium crushers with inlet width of 300-600MM are used, The crusher with the feed inlet width less than 300MM is simple in structure, easy to manufacture, and reliable.

The working part of the easy crusher is two jaw plates, one fixed jaw plate (fixed jaw plate), which is vertically (or slightly upper camber angle) fixed to the front wall body, and the other is a movable jaw plate (movable jaw), which is inclined in position and forms a crushing cavity (working cavity) with the fixed jaw plate.

The fixed jaw moving jaw plate is subject to periodic reciprocating movement, sometimes separated and sometimes close. In addition, the materials entering the crushing chamber are unloaded; Close so that the material between the two claws is installed through extrusion, bending and splitting and crushing.

The circular vibrating screen is a suitable vibrating screen machine for wet fine particle dry screening of difficult to process materials. It is always necessary to produce the vibrating screen for processing difficult to process materials at present. The vibrating screen has large amplitude, high and low frequency of vibration intensity and technical characteristics of elastic screen surface.

During the working process, the maximum opening rate is maintained, so as to achieve high efficiency, large capacity, easy screen replacement and reduce costs. Large vibrating screen and large processing capacity to meet the needs of the production site. The surface structure of the shale shaker uses the motion mode of multi-stage shale shaker box and frame that do not participate in vibration, so that the screen can be large-scale.


TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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