What Is TSX Linear Motion Vibrating Screen?

TSX linear screen is one of many vibrating screens, widely used in coal, mineral processing, chemical, construction and other industries, linear vibrating screen has the characteristics of easy maintenance and high efficiency. It has the function of desliming, demulching and grading, the vibrator adopts ZDQ vibrator, the feed size is 0-300 mm. it also has one layer, two layers and three layers to choose from. It mainly screens the materials with light weight and small hardness.

On the working principle, the linear screen motor is energized and rotated, the belt drive mechanism regulates the speed, the driving force is transmitted to the main drive shaft through the sub-shaft pair, driving the exciter to run, generating linear vibration force, and the movement track of the screen machine is straight. After the material falls into the screen body from the inlet, it moves forward rapidly under the action of vibrating force and passes through the screen surface loosely.
 Linear screen is driven by double exciter, installed in the lower part of the body, two exciters running at the same time, the opposite direction of the excitation force will cancel each other, in the direction of the vertical motor axis to synthesize a force.

So the movement of the screen machine trajectory for a straight line, driven by vibration, the material will also be thrown up on the screen surface to do linear motion, so that the material to complete the task of screening classification. It can be applied in multiple scenes to screen a variety of materials.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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