What Is TSX Linear Vibrating Screen?

The linear vibrating screen can be used for grading, desliming and desintermediation, and is suitable for a variety of scenarios such as construction, fertilizer, plastics, etc. The linear vibrating screen of TSX has a feed size of 0-300 mm, and is suitable for grading of large and medium grain coal and non-coal material, using ZDQ exciter, and can be used for polyurethane border stainless steel screen plate and polyurethane screen plate, where the slit screen can be used for material dewatering.

Linear screen in operation after the vibration of the exciter driven by the screening movement, the material on the screen plate is thrown up, and forward for linear motion, the material through the screening of the larger materials on the screen plate, smaller materials through the screen plate to the bottom, with high efficiency. Fast. Long operation time.

Linear screen is driven by double exciter, two exciters operate at the same time, the opposite direction of the excitation force will cancel each other, the direction of the excitation force and the horizontal plane between the inclusion angle of 45 °.

The linear vibration force acts continuously and cyclically on the screen body, causing the screen body to vibrate on the buffer spring. The linear vibrating screen consists of screen body, excitation system including side plate, excitation beam, lifting beam, cross beam, back plate, exciter, intermediate shaft, main drive shaft, transmission mechanism, buffer spring and screen surface.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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