What Is TSX Mining Vibrating Screen?

Mining vibrating screen as the name implies, can be used for mining, ore screening, etc. TSX vibrating screen with many types and uses, is a new, efficient screening equipment, not only can be used to mine ore can also be used in metallurgy, mines, construction and other industries, is a low energy consumption, high efficiency, installation process fine a product.
  Mining vibrating screen in operation, the screen machine bearing linear motion, so that the above material to do linear motion for screening, so that the material becomes loose, smaller materials will move to the lower part of the material layer, out of the screen mesh so as to be screened, and through the screen hole discharge.

TSX vibrating screen design and manufacture in line with the Australian AS standard, GB/T5000: 3-1998 mechanical design standards, IEC international electrical standards, JB/T9022-1999 [JB/T9022-1999]. JB/T9022-1999 [vibrating screen design specification] and JB/T5496-2004 [vibrating screen manufacturing general technical conditions] and the requirements of the relevant coal processing machinery industry standards.
Vibrating screen although the name of the type of vibrating screen is different, but its main composition and the basic working principle is the same, mainly by the vibrating screen motor, vibrating screen exciter, vibrating screen plate, vibrating screen screen, damping spring and other parts and components, and by the long service life, high screening efficiency, easy maintenance characteristics.


TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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