What Is TSX Sand Grading Machine?

TSX vibrating screen is a high quality screening machinery. TSX vibrating screen has the characteristics of high quality, simple structure, convenient maintenance, long life and high efficiency. In addition, the company has strong technical force, perfect testing means, strict management system, good reputation and excellent after-sales guarantee. You can rely on us.

The sand classifier is used to classify sand. The sand classifier is suitable for the screening of various materials, and is suitable for the screening of wet materials that are easy to block, such as coal, coke, and lime. Widely used in coal mines, construction sites, etc. It has the characteristics of convenient operation, large processing capacity, safety and energy saving.

Vibrating screens that can be classified include circular vibrating screens, banana screens, linear screens, etc., and the corresponding screen plates on the screen directly contact the materials to screen the materials.

When producing sand, it is difficult to obtain sand with the same specifications, so the vibrating screen sand machine is produced in this way. The small sand screening machine equipment can screen out and discharge large particles in the sand, so that there are no impurities in the sand.

The sand beating device inside the drum of the sand screen machine can crush and disperse the sand blocks. Building materials were also mechanized. From manual sand screening to the current large-scale mechanical operation, in just a few years, vibrating sand screening machines have been continuously updated, and product models have also increased.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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