What Is TSX Trommel Screen And Vibrating Screen Cleaning Equipment?

When we hear this term, we may think of roller rotating at high speed. Let’s talk briefly. Drum screen is a rotary drum screen used for screening or grading rocks and ores.

We have a very professional team. The products produced with advanced manufacturing technology have the characteristics of low energy consumption, large processing capacity, long service life, etc., which are favored by customers.

Roller screen, also known as rotary screen, is a mechanical screen used to separate substances and materials. It is commonly used in solid waste treatment and mineral and coal washing industries.

As we know, the roller screen realizes the physical size separation, in which the materials smaller than the size of the screen hole can easily pass through the screen, while the materials larger than the size of the screen hole exist on the other side of the drum, so as to achieve the purpose of material separation

Portable roller screen cleaning equipment is specially designed for the mining industry. This is a multi-functional mobile placer processing plant. It is an independent portable small and medium-sized device. Commercial exploration, mining or bulk sampling.

Roller screen is a kind of precision classifier with wide application. TSX can choose the screen machine according to the needs of customers. The roller screen has been designed for trouble free classification for many years, which can solve your material separation problem very well. Roller machines are very useful because they can deal with difficult problems quickly.

Now that I have told you the above, I believe you will have a deeper understanding of the use or equipment of roller screen and other screens. You can compare different filters and companies according to your needs.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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