What Is TSX Vibrating Gravel Screen?

There are many types of vibrating screen and various functions. TSX vibrating screen is made of high quality structural steel, and all parts are sandblasted and painted for anti-corrosion treatment, and all mating surfaces are waterproof and sealed to meet the requirements of the harsh environment. And the vibrating gravel screen is one of them.

Vibrating gravel screen is a kind of screen to break up the quarried stone and screen it according to the specification. Many construction industries have a high demand for crushed stone, and crushing screens are indispensable equipment in the construction industry. In the crushing process, large stones are crushed and rolled into small stones and small pieces under the action of external force.

In the case of stone crushing, the stones are mixed into particles of different sizes. The particles of similar size can be divided into the same level and different vibrating screens are selected for screening.

Its crushing volume, particle size overhaul situation are related to the system. For the material has 35% – 75% of the diameter does not need to repeat crushing, mainly depends on the efficiency of the screening machine, but also with the screen plate related area aperture also determines the screening efficiency.

The stone powder is the overall of all the materials left after the vibrating screen screening when processing crushed stone with particle size less than 5 mm. And the screened crushed stone can be used for plastics, calcium tablets, cosmetics, clothes, toothpaste and so on.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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