What Is TSX Vibrating Gravel Screen?

Vibrating gravel screen is a kind of screening equipment that uses vibrator to excite the source and is used for reciprocating vibrating screening of materials. It can be widely used in gravel production line, quarry production line, sand production line and stone crushing production line.

It is widely used in coal, metallurgy, hydropower, mining, building materials, chemical industry, electric power, transportation, ports and other industries. It can work on limestone, basalt, bluestone, river pebble, marble, quartz stone, coal and other materials.

Working principle

The difference is that the gravel linear screen is generally designed with an inclined angle. It is recommended to 0-15°, The particle size of large feed is generally not more than 150 mm, and the processing capacity per hour is generally not 200 tons of material screening.

The vibrating source of the gravel vibrating screen is a motor driven exciter. The exciter has two shafts, each of which has an eccentric weight , and it rotates in the opposite direction. Therefore, it is also called a double shaft gravel vibrating screen. Two gears are engaged to synchronize.

When two disks with eccentric weights rotate, the components of the centrifugal force F generated by the two eccentric weights in the x-axis cancel each other, and the components in the y-axis add up, which results in a reciprocating exciting force in the y-axis direction, causing the screen box to generate reciprocating linear track vibration in the y-axis direction.

Applicable to the particle size of 0.074— 5 mm, water content less than 7%, screening of various dry powdery or granular materials without viscosity, and the particle size of large feed is not greater than 10 mm.

Precautions for use of vibrating gravel screen

After the test run, check that the above contents are correct, retighten all fasteners, and the screen and all parts and components are fastened well before they can be officially used. Before this, the following work must be done:

No load startup and shutdown: The gravel vibrating screen is generally used in the complete set of crushing and screening equipment or in the washing process. It is required that the screen machine be started and stopped without load.Except for reasons, parking with materials is not allowed.

When there is accumulated material on the screen surface, it is necessary to start it. Feeding can be started only after the operation is normal.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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