What Is TSX Vibrating Rock Screen?

Vibrating rock screen is a commonly used vibrating screen, as the name implies is used to sieve the size of the stone can be used for grading off, often seen in mining plants, sand and gravel plants, construction plants, etc. Common rock vibrating screen are linear vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen, trommel screen, high frequency screen. And there are multi-level vibrating screen for you to choose first.
For with circular vibrating screen its vibration source is the vibration generated around the shaft, and the direction changes at any time, its power is centrifugal force, its working principle is that the vibrating screen starts to do jumping movement by vibrating together, the trajectory is circular, through vibration, the screen surface will also be subject to vibration force, the material on the screen surface will be screened out through the screen hole, the small material will reach the next layer, the larger material will stay on the screen surface, and finally be Discharge out of the discharge port.

The linear screen horizontal vibrating screen is energized and rotates, the belt drive mechanism adjusts the speed and the driving force is transferred to the main drive shaft through the secondary shaft pair to drive the exciter operation and produce linear vibration force. It can also be used to screen rock.

High frequency vibrating screen is different from other equipment, high frequency screen surface frequency, will destroy the surface tension of the material, so that the material on the screen plate vibration at high speed, speed up the separation of materials, increase the probability of contact between the object and the screen hole, more efficient material screening to form better separation conditions.

It plays a key role in the sand and gravel production line, which can separate large stones from small stones or stone powder, and is a very important kind of machinery.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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