What is TSX Vibrating Screen Bearing Grease?

Effect of lubricating grease on bearing

Vibrating screen bearing lubricating grease has the same properties as lubricating oil. They both have good anti-wear performance and extreme pressure resistance.The components contained in the lubricant can effectively help reduce friction. The heat generated by friction is controlled to the lowest range, and they have excellent oxidation resistance and stability.

It can effectively ensure that the lubricating parts can work in a high temperature environment for a long time, and also maintain normal operation, which can greatly extend the service life of the bearing. In addition, the mechanical service life of the bearing with special grease is more than twice that of the bearing without special grease.

There are many use scenarios for vibrating screen bearings, ranging from high pollution and corrosion to high temperature and high pressure impact. In different scenarios, the technical indicators required for bearings naturally vary greatly.

In different scenarios, vibrating screen bearing grease is generally divided into five types: one is general-purpose grease, the other is heavy-duty and high load grease, the third is anti vibration and impact grease, the fourth is high-temperature grease, and the fifth is special grease for special industries. Details are as follows:

1、 General purpose multipurpose grease. General multi-purpose grease is applicable to normal load and temperature. It is also known as automotive and industrial general purpose grease. This grease has good performance, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for most applications such as agricultural equipment, washing machines, material handling equipment, general machinery, small power motors, automobile wheel bearings, small tools, etc. from – 25 ° C to+140 ° C.

2、 Heavy duty high load grease. Heavy duty and high load grease is suitable for applications with high bearing stress. This kind of grease has excellent performance under high load, high speed and low speed, good performance when there is water, excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for heavy pressure applications from – 25 ° C to+140 ° C, such as high-power motors, conveyors, lifting equipment, truck hubs, water pumps, presses, etc.

For example, Great Wall BLC-G bearing grease is made of composite soap thickened high-quality synthetic base oil and selected additive formula through special process. It has excellent high and low temperature performance, rust resistance, extreme pressure wear resistance, oxidation resistance, and unique fretting wear resistance.

It is suitable for bearing lubrication parts with high requirements on high and low temperature, extreme pressure and wear. Great Wall BLC-G bearing grease can improve the lubrication environment of the bearing, facilitate the discharge of waste grease, and extend the service life of the bearing. Great Wall BLC-G bearing grease is developed to solve the unified lubrication of wind turbine bearings, and can be used for lubrication of all bearings of wind turbine.

3、 Vibration and impact resistant grease. Anti vibration and anti impact grease is suitable for applications subject to high levels of vibration or impact load. It is a grease specifically designed for high load applications in quarries, cement plants, civil and agricultural engineering, and wet environments, such as paper mills and excavators. This bearing has excellent impact resistance, high level of vibration and heavy load, and excellent water resistance. It is applicable to bucket spindle, grinder, crusher, vibrating screen, washing machine, industrial fan, etc. at – 25 ° C to+140 ° C.

4、 Grease for high temperature. As the name implies, high-temperature grease is extremely resistant to high temperatures and provides long-term stable lubrication at low and high temperatures from – 40 ° C to+180 ° C. This grease has excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance and low noise. Therefore, it is not only suitable for high temperature environments, such as dryers, oven conveyors, textile machinery and paper processing machinery, but also for motors, generators, pumps, etc.

5、 Special grease for special industries. In addition to common lubricating grease, there are also some special lubricating grease in some special environments, such as high-speed servo motors. ME-1 motor long-life lubricating grease is used, such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, low particle solid grease, interstellar space, vacuum grease, ultra-low (high) temperature lubricating grease, food grade grease, insulation grease, etc.

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