What Is TSX Vibrating Screen Condition?

The vibrating screen detection and maintenance system is developed by using sensor technology, automatic control technology, computer communication technology and network technology based on the actual domestic situation, including signal detection unit Carry out fault analysis according to the signals detected by the signal detection unit, and synchronously display the analysis results and corresponding fault solutions of the control unit and the data acquisition and local fixed brief analysis display module composed of the control warning unit of the control unit.

The signal detection unit includes vibration sensor, current sensor, speed sensor and temperature rise sensor. The control unit consists of signal conditioning board The data acquisition board and the main controller are composed. The main controller includes the microprocessor, the data display module connected to the microprocessor, the expansion storage module and the data input/output interface.

The Vibrating screen monitoring and maintenance series is applicable to metallurgy, coal, mining, electric power, chemical industry and other industries. It is mainly used for real-time online monitoring and analysis of vibrating screen equipment with boring classification screening process in various industries. At the same time, conduct on-site inspection, diagnosis, analysis of equipment failures and equipment repair.

  1. Effectively avoid safety accidents

The Vibrating screen status monitoring system is installed to monitor your on-site vibrating screen in real time, so that you can sit in the general monitoring room to understand the operating trend of the equipment.

It can effectively avoid the occurrence of casualties and other safety accidents caused by the sudden failure of the equipment during the on-site inspection of the inspectors during the operation of the equipment. Similarly, this system realizes remote monitoring, reducing the trouble of on-site supervision of workers and the harm of long time work under high dust.

  1. Greatly improved production efficiency

The Vibrating screen status monitoring system can provide detailed operation data and operation trend diagram of the on-site vibrating screen, and conduct comprehensive data mining, analysis, and fault diagnosis. It enables you to master the operating status of the vibrating screen on site.

Once the vibrating screen fails to vibrate and the temperature exceeds the standard, prompt immediately, so that you can timely and reasonably arrange the equipment maintenance time, greatly improve the continuous operation rate of the equipment, and reduce the loss of production efficiency caused by the failure of the vibrating equipment.

  1. Effectively reduce the cost of equipment maintenance

The installation of the vibrating screen status monitoring system can monitor the operating status of the vibrating screen in real time, prompt small problems in time, and the user can arrange maintenance and repair matters in time according to the site conditions, so as to prevent the equipment from being repaired only when it is shut down due to major problems, which will not only delay production, but also greatly increase the maintenance cost

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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