What Is TSX Vibrating Screen Design Calculations?

Vibration has been committed to the manufacturing and research of vibrating screen industry for many years. For the design and calculation of vibrating screen, I listed below:

  1. Calculation method of handling capacity:

Q = 3600*b*v*h* γ

Where, Q: treatment capacity, unit: t/h

b: Screen width L Unit m

H: Average thickness of material (m)

γ: Bulk density of materials, t/m3

v: Material running speed, m/s

  1. The calculation method of running speed of linear vibrating materials is:

Horizontal Sand Mesh Sieve

v=kv*X*w*cos(8)  Wall vibrator [1+tg (6) * tg (x)]

  1. The calculation method of running speed of circular vibration animal feed is:

Circular Motion Sand Mesh Sieve

v=kv* λ* w2* ( 1+ ) *a

Where, kv: comprehensive empirical coefficient, generally 0.75~0.95

λ: Single amplitude, in mm

w: Vibration frequency in rad/S

δ: Vibration direction angle, in °

A: Inclination angle of screen surface unit °

  1. Dynamic load: P=k* λ

Where, k: spring stiffness, in N/m

λ: Amplitude in m

P: Dynamic load in N

The maximum dynamic load (resonant dynamic load) is calculated as 4~7 times of the above results

The main parameters of the vibration motor include vibration force, vibration frequency, amplitude, power and motor stages. The following is a brief introduction:

Vibrating Motor For Dehydration Vibrating Screen RDQ Series Vibration Exciter For Dehydration Vibrating Screen ZDQ Series Vibration Exciter For Dehydration Vibrating Screen

The vibration form produced by a single vibration motor installed on the equipment is generally circular vibration without directive, while the combination of more than two vibration motors

Use can produce a variety of vibration patterns.

2、 The most basic vibration elements are vibration frequency and amplitude, from which velocity (vibration frequency x amplitude), and acceleration (frequency

Square x amplitude)

3、 Vibration frequency

The unit of frequency is times/second, also called Hertz. In the vibration motor, it is determined by the number of poles and cycles

4、 Amplitude and acceleration:

In the vibration with the center of mass, the distance Ym from the center of mass to the maximum displacement is called the amplitude. In the vibration application, the distance S (double vibration)To express.  In the vibration system using vibration motor, the determination of amplitude is very important.

The vibration motor is composed of a special motor and an external excitation weight. When the motor is powered on and rotating, the exciting force generated by the exciting block is transmitted through the motor bottom angle or flange plate

Vertical and horizontal vibrating machinery. The vibration motor consists of a specially designed sub line package and rotor shaft, which can withstand high-frequency vibration. The horizontal vibration motor uses four sector eccentric blocks

As an exciting block, the angle between two eccentric blocks at the coaxial end can be adjusted to adjust the exciting force of the vibration motor from zero to maximum.

When the vibration motor is powered on and rotated, it drives the eccentric blocks at both ends of the motor shaft to generate inertial excitation force, which is a spatial rotation force with amplitude of Fm, Fm=mrw2。

M – mass of eccentric block R –

The distance between the centrefold of the eccentric block and the axis of rotation, that is, the eccentricity

W-a motor rotation angle frequency

w = 2πn/60

N-Vibration times of vibration motor

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