What Is TSX Vibrating Screen Design?

According to relevant research, the screening equipment has a great influence on the screening process index in the whole screening operation, up to 50%, and the design of vibrating screen plays a great role in the whole screening process. The technical level and quality of screening equipment are directly related to the screening effect and the economic benefit of the concentrate. Therefore, the development of screening equipment with high screening efficiency and reliability is the trend of the screening industry today.

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It is improved from the overall layout to the selection of single components, including the design of box and compass screen surface and the regular shape of the vibrator. The design of support scheme, etc., also includes the design of components such as shafts and parts. Double generator driven, positive drive two.

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On the other hand, some pieces are synchronized. On the other hand, the adopted structure has replaced the previous overhead suspension mode, making the structure safer and occupying a smaller area.

For the productivity, it is a large vibration separator in the 1980s. Now, it not only improves the durability of the screen frame with high steel materials with impact toughness and high strength, but also reduces the weight of the entire structure. The design also includes connection and conventional selection. It is difficult to reduce the welding stress due to the influence of bolt connection instead of welding.

It is driven directly by double motors instead of forced synchronous gear transmission. The vibration track is straight. The utility model overcomes the problems of gear lubrication and sealing caused by the driving of a single motor and the forced transmission of gears in the past, thereby improving the service life of the whole vibrating screen.

The design scheme is analyzed and discussed, including the classification and characteristics of the vibrating screen, the movement analysis of materials, the dynamic analysis of the vibrating screen and the calculation of dynamic parameters, including the original design parameters, the design and verification of the motor;

The design and calculation of the main components, the design and calculation of the spring, the strength calculation of the shaft, the selection and calculation of the bearing, and then the design of equipment maintenance and installation. Finally, the environmental protection and economic analysis of the vibrating screen design are carried out.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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