What Is TSX Vibrating Screen Eccentric Shaft?

Eccentric shaft is a kind of work piece whose outer circle is parallel to its axis but does not overlap, it is fixed on the rotating shaft and has to do cam movement when the motor operates, being applied to the top of the vibrating screen, eccentric shaft type vibrating screen is a kind of single shaft vibrator, producing a circular motion under the drive of the single shaft vibrator, the presence of the material above makes the screen do circular motion, the high frequency of the vibrating screen is used in combination with low amplitude, the other slope in 15-25 degrees.

The eccentric vibrating screen is driven by the eccentric shaft to rotate at high speed, which makes the screen vibrate. The eccentric vibrating screen is mainly composed of several main parts, such as screen frame, screen surface, eccentric drive shaft, disc and counterweight, etc.

Its screen frame is a kind of rectangle surrounded by steel plates, and the screen plate has suitable size of punching holes or preparation of screen surface on it. The eccentric drive shaft is equipped with rolling bearings between the two walls of the screen frame, and the two sides of the transmission shaft are installed in the rolling bearings.

Eccentric vibrating screen work eccentric shaft constantly rotating, when the eccentric distance upward movement sieve up, sieve material is thrown up and loose, when the eccentric distance downward movement sieve down, thrown up material by self weight fall back to the screen surface, material in the screen surface after many times throw up, drop and make less than the sieve hole fine particles through the screen 7L become screen products, greater than the sieve hole on the screen coarse particles, by the end of the sieve discharge for screen products, to achieve the purpose of sieving the particle group of various particle sizes into different particle size level products.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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