How Is TSX Vibrating Screen For Coal?

Generally speaking, the coal preparation vibrating screen refers to YK circular vibrating screen, which is a new product developed on the basis of YA circular vibrating screen.

The amplitude is directly driven by the motor. The screen box takes the circle as the motion track.

Maintenance of vibrating screen for coal.

After using the vibrating motor for 3 months, add oil once or twice, conduct minor repair once every half a year, and conduct major repair once a year

The instruction manual of vibration motor shall be used to maintain the vibration motor.

The screen body drives the screen mesh to make longitudinal movement, so that the materials on it are periodically thrown forward one by one under the exciting force

The principle is characterized by long service life, low noise, high screening efficiency, small volume, light weight, low energy consumption, simple structure, beautiful appearance, etc.This series of mine vibrating screen is widely used in the classification of large materials, medium and small particles in coal mining, metallurgical building materials, refractory materials, light industry, grain and other industries.

Through the gap between the plates. Large pieces of material move from the roller belt – end moves and discharges from the end. Such sieves are rarely used in concentrators. At present, it is rarely used in concentrators and replaced by vibrating screens with more reasonable structures.

Structure and working principle:

Raw coal vibrating screen is composed of vibration source (vibrator), screen body, screen mesh, damping device, base, etc.

The vibrating screen is widely used in the classification of raw coal in coal mines, fly ash in power plants, 38 pieces of electrical coal, coal gangue and other materials.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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