Do You Know What Is TSX Vibrating Screen For Coal?

This series of mining vibrating screen USES the vibration motor excitation, rubber spring damping, and advanced the synchronous vibration principle, has a long service life, low noise, high screening efficiency, small volume, light weight, less energy consumption, characteristics such as simple structure, beautiful modelling, suitable for sinter, natural ore, coke and other high-energy screening of granular materials.

Characteristics of vibrating screen for coal

  1. Tire coupling is used for flexible connection and smooth operation;
  2. The structure of small amplitude, high frequency and large inclination angle is adopted to make the machine have high screening efficiency, maximum processing and long service life

Long service life, low power consumption and low noise

Maintenance of vibrating screen for coal

The working part of the vibrating screen is fixed, and the materials are screened by sliding along the working face. Fixed grid screen is widely used in concentrators, generally before coarse crushing or intermediate crushing. The main disadvantages are low productivity and low screening efficiency, generally only 50-60%.

Installation of vibrating screen for coal

Before starting the screen machine, check whether there are obstacles hindering the operation of the screen machine around, and whether the connecting bolts are fastened. The fixing bolts should be tightened for many times, especially the fixing bolts of the vibration motor, support seat and screen plate.

Check whether the rotation directions of two vibration motors are opposite. If the rotation directions are the same, change the power wiring of one motor to make the rotation directions of two vibration motors opposite. When the screen machine is running, first start, run and stop the machine with no load for one to two times to observe whether there is any abnormal phenomenon and sound, and keep the operation stable and normal.

After 4 hours of continuous operation, measure the bearing temperature, which shall not exceed 75 ℃; And will

The connecting bolts of the parts shall be retightened once, and shall be fastened regularly in the future.

Before the screen machine is shut down, the feeding shall be stopped first, and the machine shall be shut down after the materials on the screen surface are gone. After shutdown, the materials and sundries on the screen surface shall be cleaned in time to prevent the screen from sticking and blocking.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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