What Is TSX Vibrating Screen For Sand?

Vibrating screen has a role is used for dewatering of fine sand, where high frequency screen, arc screen can be used for dewatering of fine sand, vibrating screen is suitable for industrial screening, river, reservoir, coal field sand and gravel separation equipment.

it can be used to make solid-liquid separation process can also be used for screening of different particle sizes, can be used for grading, desliming, desizing. tsx vibrating screen has high quality, simple structure, easy maintenance, long life, high efficiency High and so on.
 For sand dewatering vibrating screen can remove large strength particles in the material, with linear sieve screening its inclination angle 5-10 degrees used to increase the speed of flow, easier screening, for different materials can also increase the inclination angle to but not more than 25 degrees.

The vibrating dewatering screen is run with two motors together and two vibrators together in opposite directions. The forces generated by the two sets of eccentric masses are superimposed on each other, and the anti-centric forces cancel each other to form a force extending in one direction, so that the screen box starts to do linear motion.

For screen plate, dewatering vibrating screen has applicable screen plate, polyurethane border stainless steel slit screen plate, polyurethane slit screen plate, etc. It has high opening rate and high dewatering rate.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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