What Is TSX Vibrating Screen For Sand?

When the sand vibrating screen is working, the two motors rotate in reverse synchronously to make the exciter produce reverse exciting force, forcing the sieve.

 Suitable for particle size of 0.074-5mm.Screening of various dry powder materials with moisture content less than 70% and no viscosity. The maximum feeding particle size is not greater than 10mm。large centrifugal force will be sent out, and the screen box can make a circular motion with a constant amplitude, transferring the impact force to will pass through the screen, so that classification can be achieved.

Main features of sand vibrating screen:

  1. The whole equipment is composed of the machine body, vibration device, base and transmission device. Each department uses soft links, so that the impact on the machine body will be weakened during feeding, and the service life of the equipment will be extended.
  2. The advantage of multi-layer use is that the equipment can screen a variety of materials of different specifications at the same time, and it is conducive to controlling the sieve weight. The overall performance is very efficient.
  3. This machine can grade all kinds of blocky and granular materials, and has high applicability to materials.
  4. The newly designed screen body uses flexible links, so that materials will not easily block the screen, and the operation is stable and reliable

Solving the Problem of Poor Sand Quality by Using Dehydrating Vibrating Sand Screen (Dehydrating Screen)

For the problem of poor sand quality,dehydrating vibrating screen (dehydrating screen) can solve it. Dehydration type vibrating screen sand machine (dehydration screen) is a device for sand cleaning, dehydration and classification.

It uses double vibrating motors or flange type vibrators (driven by two ordinary motors in the opposite direction and self synchronous rotation) to make the screen body periodically reciprocating along the straight direction, so as to achieve the purpose of graded dehydration. In the wet sand production process, in view of the problem that the sand is not cleaned thoroughly, the dehydrating vibrating screen sand machine (dehydrating screen) can be used together with the sand washing machine. The sand cleaned by Delivery site of dehydrating vibrating screen (dehydrating screen).

Dehydration type vibrating sand screen (dehydration screen) has low investment cost, good cleaning effect, less loss of fine sand, low energy consumption and small floor area.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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