What Is TSX Vibrating Screen Gearbox?

Vibrating screen Calculation of characteristic frequency of gearbox

Vibrating screen Gearbox is a system composed of gear and bearing, which vibrates due to their stress deformation, machining error and installation error. When the gear box is running, the above reasons will impact the gear box.

The vibrating screen vibration signals are amplitude modulated and frequency modulated. Different faults are in the frequency spectrum There will be different performances. Fault identification from the spectrum is generally based on the characteristics of working frequency, meshing frequency, harmonic frequency and side frequency.

Therefore, before fault diagnosis of the gearbox, the main characteristic frequencies of the gearbox are calculated. Here we mainly consider the rotation frequency of each shaft of the gearbox, the meshing frequency of each pair of gear pairs and other corresponding harmonic frequencies.

Measurement and analysis of gearbox acceleration

The gearbox is one of the main sources of water noise, which greatly affects the concealment of the ship. Therefore, the vibration energy and vibration isolation effect of the gearbox foot should be measured Generally.

The vibration energy of the gear box foot is measured by measuring the 1/3 octave acceleration vibration level of the gear box, and the vibration isolation effect is evaluated by measuring the acceleration vibration level difference of the single-layer vibration isolation device of the gear box The vibration level drop refers to 20 times of the common logarithm of the ratio of the effective value of the vibration response of the isolated equipment to the effective value of the corresponding foundation response.

The vibrating screen gearbox is used for vibration monitoring of fans. The sensor is a contact piezoelectric crystal vibration acceleration sensor. The sensor has a wide frequency response range and is easy to install. For the installation of acceleration sensor, thread installation is required. To install the acceleration sensor, only one threaded hole needs to be machined at each installation position, and the sensor can be directly installed on the unit with stud bolts.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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