What Is TSX Vibrating Screen Handbook?

The vibrating screen handbook is a detailed introduction to the use method and principle of vibrating screen.

  1. Name, bulk specific gravity, viscosity and temperature of screened materials
  2. Hourly processing capacity
  3. Number of mesh
  4. Particle size ratio of materials and required screening accuracy
  5. Acidity and alkalinity of materials (304 # stainless steel or 316L stainless steel shall be used)
  6. Space size for placing vibrating screen on production site

YK and series screen machines are imported from German companies after digestion and absorption according to China’s production needs

On the basis of the imported USK USL vibrating screen, we summarized our research, design and use of the screen for many years

The new series vibrating screen developed in combination with China’s national conditions is


Type V vibrating screen and other series vibrating screen machines.

Through several years of production practice, it is proved that this series of screen machines has a large processing capacity,

Technical parameters

High structural strength, rigidity, serialization, generalization, standardization and smooth operation

Reliable, low noise, convenient maintenance and overhaul, etc. — series of improvement and improvement, improvement of processing technology and system

The equipment and screen machine are more reasonable in structure, and the quality is significantly improved, which is highly praised by users.

  1. a) Working principle: The circular vibrating screen is a single shaft block eccentric vibration exciter driven by a single motor. The elliptical long shaft and screen at the feeding end

The included angle of the face is sharp, and the discharge end is obtuse, so that the discharge layer is not too thin, and the feeding end layer

Not too thick, similar to the effect of equal thickness screening.

The linear vibrating screen is a double shaft eccentric block eccentric, driven by two motors, self synchronous motor, screen machine.

The excitation of is caused by eccentric force.

  1. b) Drive system

The round screen is directly driven by the motor or through the V-belt (changeable pulley) belt

Dynamic exciter. The linear screen is directly driven by the motor, and both of them use the petal shaped flexible coupling

  1. c) The three jaw flexible disk connecting the intermediate transmission shaft and the vibration exciter is made of rubber plate,

With bearing

Strong cutting torque and good flexibility

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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