What Is TSX Vibrating Screen Hs Code No?

The wide application of vibrating screen is obvious to all. Moreover, vibrating screen can be divided into many models. Different models are suitable for screening different materials. The use of vibrating screen in different occasions has their own characteristics. There will be some letters on the vibrating screen, which are used to distinguish the models of vibrating screen.

HS Code is the abbreviation of Harmonized System Code, which is the full name of the commodity name and the code of the Harmonized System of Coding. It is recognized by the international customs as the classification standard for import and export products. Using correct names and codes is an important method in export marketing.

These letters on the model of the vibrating screen are usually the first letter of the phonetic alphabet of the name of the vibrating screen the material running track of this type of shale shaker, the motion mode of the eccentric block, etc.

For example, in the model of horizontal vibrating screen, Z represents straight line, K represents eccentric block, circular vibrating screen starts with YA and YK, YA represents shaft eccentric circular vibrating screen, and YK represents block eccentric circular vibrating screen.

Generally speaking, according to different classification requirements, it can be divided into different vibrating screens. If it is divided by weight, vibrating screens generally include mining vibrating screens, light fine vibrating screens, and experimental vibrating screens.

At the same time, they can be divided into different vibrating screen series, among which mining vibrating screens can be divided into circular vibrating screens, high-efficiency heavy-duty screens, etc., and fine vibrating screens can be divided into cyclone screens, linear screens, roller screens, etc, Experimental vibrating screen can be divided into standard vibrating screen, electromagnetic vibrating screen, etc

Product name: ceramic vibrating screen

HS code of customs: 84741000

Heavy duty vibrating screen for mining

HS code of customs: 84741000

Vibrating coal feeder

HS code of customs: 84283990

Spring arm vibrating screen

HS code of customs: 84741000

Linear vibrating screen

HS code of customs: 84741000

Due to the complexity of commodity types and properties, it is impossible to classify all commodities according to raw materials, especially commodities composed of various raw materials or industrial products with high engineering level, such as precision instruments.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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