What Is TSX Vibrating Screen In Cement Plant?

The cement vibrating screen has a reasonable structure, which is unique and novel. The shortcomings of screen blocking, screen sticking and screen changing of the roller screen and the connecting rod reciprocating screen are eliminated. It is directly driven by a new type of vibration motor. The machine base type or hanging type can be used.

Cement vibrating screen is a screening machine designed for cement, lime and similar powdery materials; The cement vibrating screen is mainly used for the classification of cement clinker and finished materials and the screening of foreign matters.

Structural composition

The structure of the cement vibrating screen consists of the machine body, screen bed, feeding device placed on the upper part of the screen bed, vibrating motor, and screen bed arranged in an inclined manner. The screen bed is provided with screen pieces, and the screen pieces are provided with a hole structure. The screen bed is a double-layer structure, including a lower screen bed connected with the machine body through an elastic support component and an upper screen bed fixedly connected with the lower screen bed through a support component.

It can meet the requirements of cement for reducing the particle size of materials and increasing the handling capacity in the coarse separation operation. It occupies less land, has small power consumption, is easy to control, has simple structure, is convenient for maintenance, has large handling capacity, and has strong adaptability.

Structural characteristics of cement vibrating screen:

  1. The machine has advanced structure: heavy weight, high efficiency, low noise, stable operation, and vibration motor is used to drive the screen


  1. High quality high manganese steel woven sieve plateis used, which is durable and easy to replace and maintain. The mesh is generally 4 * 4mm or 5 * 5mm; just so so

Customized according to customer requirements;

  1. Compared with rotary screen, it has remarkable power saving benefit and ultra-high screening efficiency.

Main application scope and purpose of cement vibrating screen:

The cement vibrating screen has a reasonable structure and is unique and novel.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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