What Is TSX Vibrating Screen In Mineral Processing?

It is a commonly used screening machine under the blast furnace trough, coking plant and concentrator. Scope of application: It is commonly used to remove heavy medium in fine particle screening and heavy medium beneficiation.

 Circular vibrating screen

The circular vibrating screen adopts eccentric shaft and eccentric block vibrator, which can operate stably; Low stress damping spring, low noise; Super heavy duty large oil clearance bearing, low operating temperature, long service life; Ring groove rivet and plate screen box frame structure, high strength; It can be equipped with wear-resistant rubber screen to prevent screen hole from blocking.

Scope of application: suitable for material classification in mineral processing, building materials, power, chemical industry departments, and also for dehydration, desliming, and disintermediation.

 Self centering vibrating screen

There are two types of self centering shale shakers: pedestal type and hanging type; Wear resistant rubber screen, service life is 10-20 times of steel, 4-6 times of polyurethane; High elastic wear-resistant rubber spring, convenient maintenance; The materials on the screen have good loosening and layering effects; The weight and amplitude of the vibrating screen can be adjusted according to the production requirements.

Scope of application: It is mainly used for medium and fine particle screening in mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and other departments. Circular vibrating screen adopts cylinder eccentric shaft vibrator and eccentric block to adjust amplitude, which is easy to use and maintain;

Where to buy mine vibrating screen

All kinds of mine vibrating screens are introduced above, and we also know the different characteristics and applicable materials of the same vibrating screen. Is there anything you need urgently? Where can I buy these vibrating screens? This is the right place for us.

There are all kinds of equipment on the platform of the mining machine home, with a wide range of models. In addition, tens of thousands of manufacturers have settled on the platform. You can find the manufacturers that are suitable for you through enterprise comparison. Welcome to purchase.

In conclusion, the technical level and quality of screening equipment are directly related to the screening effect and the economic benefits of the concentrator. Therefore, the development of screening equipment with high screening efficiency and reliability is the trend of the screening industry today.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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