What Is TSX Vibrating Screen Machine?

Vibrating screen is a vibrating machine that replaces manual screening. It is mainly used for screening coal and ore products. When it is used, it needs to cooperate with the vibrating feeder to form a production line. Vibrating screens can be specifically divided into heavy vibrating screens, light vibrating screens, and laboratory vibrating screens according to the screening accuracy.

Heavy vibrating screens can also be divided into elliptical vibrating screens, circular vibrating screens, linear vibrating screens, and self centering vibrating screens according to the motion track, The light vibrating screen is mainly represented by the three-dimensional vibrating screen filter, also known as the rotary vibrating screen. 

The third dimensional vibrating screen filter is derived from the 450 filter, standard inspection screen, ultrasonic vibrating screen and other vibrating screens, which are most widely used, The vibrating screen used in the laboratory is mainly the standard vibrating screen machine (flapping screen) and the standard screen for sampling or particle size analysis.

In terms of application, different particle diameters have different application fields, different application ranges and effects, and different application capabilities. The particle diameter produced in the production process is not uniform.

Vibrating screen machine, also known as vibrating screen machine, uses vibrating motor to drive the screen machine to achieve the purpose of material passing through the screen. It is a mechanical screening equipment that replaces manual screening. The vibrating screen machine is divided into circular, square, light and heavy and various models, mainly including circular vibrating screen machine, ultrasonic vibrating screen machine, linear screen, air flow screen, etc.

Features of vibrating screen machine

There are various types of vibrating screen machines, which are suitable for screening and filtering of powder, particle and slurry in all walks of life. Its main feature is to replace manual screening, saving labor costs and eliminating powder

Dust pollution, integration into unmanned production line, high screening rate, uninterrupted continuous work and other advantages. As an example, the circular vibrating screen machine has the following characteristics:

  1. The circular vibrating screen machine has a wide range of applications, which can effectively screen and filter all kinds of powders, particles, liquids and mixtures;
  2. The circular vibrating screen machine is small in size, space saving, no need for foundation installation, and easy to move. It can be equipped with a hopper, a moving pulley, a spraying device, etc. according to the use mode;
  3. Low energy consumption, exquisite and durable design, high efficiency, and large processing capacity with less power consumption;
  4. A variety of grid structure design, long screen life, easy to change the screen, simple operation, easy cleaning;
  5. The screen machine is equipped with a screen cleaning marble, or an ultrasonic screen cleaning system. It can screen fine powder up to 500 meshes and filter 600 meshes of slurry;
  6. According to different requirements, the specifications range from 400mm-2000mm. Up to 5 screens with different mesh numbers can be placed, and 6 kinds of materials with different particle sizes and specifications can be separated at the same time.

With the development of science and technology, the technology of vibrating screen machine is also constantly innovating, and new vibrating screen machines are constantly introduced, which makes the maintenance cost of enterprises lower and the use more convenient.

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