What Is TSX Vibrating Screen Mesh ?

Vibrating screen mesh is the supporting equipment of sand production line. Vibrating screen mesh has two-way corrugated bending, locking bending, two-way wave insulation bending, flat top bending, one-way corrugated bending, solid structure, and is mainly used in mines, coal mines, buildings, glass plants, petroleum, hardware industries, etc.

Use effect

Through the improvement of the fixing method of the screen mesh on the frame and the crimping method of the frame on the vibrating screen body, the situation that the original vibrating screen mesh is damaged twice a day is completely changed.

The fixing method of the screen on the frame can make the service life of the screen reach 1-2 months. After the two improvement methods are combined, since the screen was put into operation after the overhaul on September 6, 2008, up to the time of the author’s publication, except that the maintenance personnel found that an external nut was loose during the patrol inspection on December 28, 2008, the screen surface and four sets of crimping devices were intact, and the expected service life was 4-6 months for the 14 mesh screen .

Screen replacement method

Method of changing fine mesh

  1. Lay the fine mesh flat on the master mesh of the shale shaker, put the upper frame back to its original position, tighten the fine mesh around by hand, and clamp the upper frame and the lower frame with a universal pliers at the frame edges of the upper frame and the lower frame at the opposite ends of the machine body.
  2. Cut off all the fine mesh protruding from the frame edge around the vibrating screen except for two centimeters.
  3. Put on the binding ring again, loosen the universal pliers, hook and lock the binding ring screws.
  4. Use a soft hammer to knock around the bundle ring evenly, lock the copper nut, and then replace the fine mesh. If the main grid frame and movable plate are removed during the screen change of the vibrating screen, it shall be noted that the movable hole plate must be embedded in the flange at the bottom of the grid frame.

Method of bus replacement

If the main network of the vibrating screen is damaged, it can be repaired by yourself. It is advisable to prepare an additional set of main networks for standby.

Installation of screen on frame

The frame for screen installation is in the shape of “Tian”, 1860mm long and 560mm wide. The screen is clamped in the middle, and the surrounding frames are fixed with bolts.

The original installation method of the screen was to install a 14 mesh screen and a 10 mesh screen together. The 14 mesh screen was installed on the screen frame from the top to the bottom, and the use effect was also good. However, the service life of the screen was short, the screen was easy to collapse, and the warp and weft stainless steel wires were torn off, causing damage. Generally, it will be scrapped after being damaged for 7 to 20 days.

In order to change this situation, in March 2008, we searched for information on the Internet and contacted the screen manufacturer to customize a 2-cm thick diameter stainless steel screen with a width of 560mm and a width of 10 meters, with a wire diameter of 2.5mm. The purpose of customizing the large hole thick wire diameter stainless steel screen is to replace the 10 mesh stainless steel screen at the bottom, increase the “support” of the frame, and avoid the salt from collapsing the 14 mesh filter screen at the upper layer.

It is supposed to be scientific and practical, and the application effect is also good. One month later, due to the loose angle iron of the crimping frame, the edge of the 14 mesh screen pressed by the outside of the frame and the screen body was broken. When the frame was removed and replaced, it was found that due to the direct contact between the 2.5cm screen and the 14 mesh screen with the frame and the rigid connection, many of the more rigid 2.5cm mesh wires were broken at the edge. Later, the waste thin conveyor belt was simply padded up and down between the frame and the screen to improve the phenomenon of broken thick wire. When replacing again, no vibration break occurred.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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