What Is TSX Vibrating Screen Motor?

Vibrating screen motor is a kind of general screening equipment, which is used for screening and grading large, medium and small particles in mining, coal, power, refractory, metallurgy, building materials and other industries.

The screen surface of heavy efficient motor vibrating screen is installed at an inclined angle of 10 ° – 20 °, with the following features:

  1. Less energy consumption can save energy.
  2. Simple structure, beautiful appearance and few spare parts.
  3. The screen is assembled by small pieces, which is easy to replace.
  4. The screen mesh is composed of wear-resistant bars, which is durable.
  5. Grading blanking layer by layer is not easy to block.

The vibration excitation device is powered by energy-saving vibration motor, and the vibration damping device is supported and isolated by spring.

The vibrating screen is driven by the vibration motor to vibrate the box. Some customers want to adjust the amplitude of the sifter after using the sifter for a period of time but do not know how to adjust it. The amplitude of the sifter is determined by the eccentric vibrator. Adjust the included angle of the main and auxiliary eccentric blocks.

Vibration motors can be classified into six categories: starting and operating modes, operating speeds, etc. For example, when the included angle of one end is adjusted to 0.5, the other end also needs to be adjusted to 0.5. After complete adjustment, tighten the fixing bolts of the movable eccentric block. After installing the covers at both ends of the motor, it can be powered on for operation.

Cause and treatment of large motor vibration

Exciting force generated during rotor vibration;

Relevant research shows that the double frequency vibration will become more obvious when the capacity of a single machine increases.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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