What Is TSX Vibrating Screen Quiz?

Vibrating screen mesh is one of the important accessories of vibrating screen, which is not only related to the quality of products produced by users, but also related to the production cost of users and other aspects. In the production process, some users find that the screen is damaged quickly or the screened materials are unqualified. In addition to the reasons of the machine, the quality of the screen also accounts for a large proportion.

Therefore, TSX Machinery reminds you that it is better to master some methods to distinguish the screen mesh, so as to effectively reduce the failure rate and maintenance cost of the equipment, which is of great significance for improving the economic benefits of the enterprise and realizing the continuous operation of the enterprise.

(1) Users can determine whether the vibrating screen mesh is qualified by hand feeling. Generally speaking, the simplest way is to brush the screen with your hand. The one without any pricking feeling is of high quality. You can also bend the screen by hand. The screen with the same specification is usually produced by small manufacturers; Soft texture and mellow silk diameter are mostly produced by regular manufacturers.

(2) Many users find that the damage rate of screen mesh is high when using vibrating screen. Although we often take some actions to reduce the damage rate of the screen, it is obvious that it is not helpful. Taking the equipment with sub grid structure as an example, the reason for the high screen damage rate is largely due to the quality of the parent grid. The parent grid is used in the structural design of most vibrating screens to support the sub grid laid on it, so that the sub grid is tight and reduces the material storage on the screen surface.

At the same time, the probability of screen damage and the situation that the material cannot be discharged from the machine body can be reduced. Therefore, the sub grid and the parent grid are closely contacted. Once the quality of the parent grid is poor, In the process of equipment operation, there will be friction and collision between coarse screen and fine screen, which will lead to short service life of vibrating screen.

The so-called unqualified screen mesh of vibrating screen not only refers to the qualified quality, but also whether the mesh number of screen mesh meets the national standard. Although it is difficult for users to judge the size of the mesh by themselves, they will still measure the effect of screening materials. If they are satisfied, they must be qualified.

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