What Is TSX Vibrating Screen Rubber Beading?

The rubber seal ring is the most commonly used seal ring accessory for vibrating screen equipment, mainly because of its low cost and stable performance. Generally, if there are no special requirements for user materials, the manufacturer of the shale shaker chooses to install rubber rings when the vibrating screen leaves the factory.

In view of the common raw materials used in vibrating screen, such as granular, powder, liquid, etc., the sealing rubber of vibrating screen is an indispensable component. Generally speaking, according to the different characteristics of materials, the rubber with good phase property is used. Proper selection of sealing leather can also extend the service life of sealing leather, reasonably reduce production costs, and improve the actual effect of equipment operation.

Classification of sealing strips

  1. Sealing strip made of pvc.
  2. 2. Silicone sealing strip: naturally, it is the higher material among the sealing strips, and there is basically no smell. For some common medical devices, our mobile phone cases are generally made of silica gel, so it can be seen that the sealing strips made of silica gel are very good. Another characteristic of silica gel is to withstand high temperature
  3. 3. TPE material, the common TPE material is the yoga mat used in daily life, or the material used for some good silicone mats.
  4. 4. Nitrile material.The main feature of nitrile material is to carry oil. When used in oil, there is nitrile. Silicone and pvc materials can also carry a little oil, but nitrile sealing strips must be used to soak the sealing strips in oil.
  5. The processing technology is exquisite, the sphere is smooth without out of roundness, the seam gap is fine, the glue content is high, and the rebound is good.
  6. The products are widely used, not only in metallurgy, mining, mechanical processing and other industries, but also in food, medicine and other industries with high safety requirements.

Function of rubber ball

  1. Rubber balls are an indispensable part of the accessories of the vibrating screen, and they are the main accessories of the anti blocking screen of the vibrating screen machinery.
  2. When the shale shaker is working, the rubber ball of the shale shaker constantly bounces up and down under the force of the perforated plate and knocks the screen repeatedly, so as to clean the screen and improve the net penetration rate.
  3. The rubber ball of vibrating screen is usually 20mm Φ 25mm、 Φ 30mm can reduce vibration and increase the service life of vibrating screen.


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