What Is TSX Vibrating Screen Solid-liquid Separation?

There are many types of vibrating screen, each of which has its own use vibrating screen solid-liquid separation is a kind of vibrating screen, used for the dewatering of solids, separation, vibrating screen as a common engineering machinery, widely used in coal classification, desliming, dewatering and desintermediation, etc., due to its simple operation, reliable operation, high efficiency and other advantages, in many industrial production fields in China has been widely developed and applied.

The vibrating dewatering screen is operated with two motors running together and two vibrators running together in opposite directions. The forces generated by the two sets of eccentric masses are superimposed on each other and the counter-centered forces cancel out, forming a force that extends in one direction and makes the screen box start to make a linear motion. For screen plate, dewatering vibrating screen has applicable screen plate, polyurethane border stainless steel slit screen plate, polyurethane slit screen plate, etc. It has high opening rate and high dewatering rate.

 Vibrating screen has dry and wet separation, wet screening will contain a lot of water, not convenient for transportation to increase transport costs, does not meet the industrial requirements, which requires solid-liquid separation vibrating screen for dewatering separation.

So that the material for dewatering successfully meet the requirements, and different water content screening difficulty will be different can be divided into: gravity moisture, capillary moisture, film moisture, moisture absorption, their screening methods are not quite the same.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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