What Is TSX Vibrating Screener ?

Vibrating screener provides a simple and cost-effective screening and processing solution. Our standard devices have very few moving parts, which also helps to save operating costs and reduce maintenance costs. The screen has a variety of optional sizes, which can be installed at multiple angles and is equipped with various screen dressings to meet your processing needs.

Vibrating screener has more than 50 years of mature and reliable performance in the industry. Our R&D engineers constantly improve the design of vibrating screener, so that these solid equipment can more effectively and economically solve a wider range of difficult screening problems. Each type and model of shale shaker is equipped with different operating conditions, material characteristics and capacity requirements

The main function of the vibrating screener is to effectively remove oversized particles or foreign matters, remove fine particles in the process flow, or separate excess liquid from the finished product.

The vibrating screener can use a vibrating table connected to many screening elements. When the vibration intensifier is added to the sizing process, the screening efficiency is much higher. The vibrating screen uses a rotary eccentric motion generator, which provides the vibrating screen with circular motion in a vertical plane. Finally, high frequency plus short amplitude can provide users with maximum screening efficiency.

The design purpose of the vibrating screener is to ensure that there is no dead zone on the screen surface, so that the vibration is completely isolated from the support frame, and ensure stable and quiet operation. The purpose of its accurate screen split point is to make the cost size more accurate. In this way, the vibrating screen is designed for low maintenance. Compared with other screens, it requires the lowest power and cost.

We can customize the manufacturing of vibrating screener to meet the accurate specifications required by your operation activities and product lines. If we can’t find specific functions in our standard screening machine, we will design and manufacture the ideal solution for you. If you already have a vibrating screener or want to buy it, you can contact us at any time for detailed consultation and problem solving if you need help and consultation.


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TSX Screen

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