What Is Vibrating Rock Screen?

Vibrating rock screen is widely used in rock, mining, power plant fly ash, 38 pieces of electricity mining, rock gangue and other materials classification. mining vibrating rock screen is composed of vibration source (vibrator), screen body, screen, damping device, base and so on. To clarify the purpose, the vibrating rock screen is actually a screening device, can be applied to any particle, powder and viscous slime or material vibrating screen machine.

Working principle:

The screen machine is composed of 1 vibrating motor. Screen body 2. Once damped spring 3. The main damping is 4. 5. Secondary damping spring. The substrate.

Rely on the same two vibration motors to rotate in the opposite direction, so that the screen body along the direction of the excitation force periodic reciprocating motion, forcing the material on the screen surface for continuous parabolic motion. Pulverized vibrating screen l will quickly loosen through the screen, wood chips, fibers and other debris will remain in the upper part of the screen, the need for regular manual cleaning.

At the same time, on-site inspection, diagnosis, analysis and equipment maintenance for equipment failures. Effectively avoid safety accidents, install mining vibrating rock screen status monitoring system, real-time monitoring of your site coal vibrating rock screen, let you sit in the main monitoring room can understand the operation trend of equipment.

It can effectively avoid safety accidents such as casualties caused by sudden equipment failure during on-site inspection. Similarly, the system realizes remote monitoring, which reduces the trouble of on-site supervision and the harm of long working hours.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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