What Is Vibrating Sand Screening Machine?

The screening accuracy is different from the output value: the vibrating sand screen is a screening equipment with a vibrating motor as the excitation source, which has high screening accuracy, and the corresponding screening output value is not too large; The drum sand screening machine is a screening equipment with high output value and large screening output value, but the corresponding screening accuracy is lower than that of the vibrating sand screening machine.

Vibrating screen is the general name of vibrating screening equipment. In fact, there are many specific types and models, which need to be selected according to the specific use of customers. Vibrating sand screening machine is the most widely used vibrating equipment in industrial and civil industries. Now let’s introduce this kind of equipment in detail.

The common types of vibrating sand screen are: linear vibrating sand screen, circular rotary vibrating sand screen, and circular swinging sand screen. The earliest linear sand screening machine is mainly used for screening construction materials, such as river sand, fine gravel, small rock particles, etc. It is characterized by large output, low accuracy, and poor environmental protection and energy conservation.

Later, in order to solve the fine screening of fine sand, the circular rotary vibrating sand screen was selected. This sand screening machine can solve the fine and micro powder screening operation very well, which makes everyone very satisfied with the fine screening. However, the output per unit time is low, and what is more troublesome is that the material blocks the mesh, which is very labor and time consuming to clean up.

The drum sand screening machine is a large drum that rolls through the bearing with a general motor and reducer. According to the size of the screen mesh, the sand is divided into two or more different standard materials. The vibrating screen sand machine is a kind of vibrating screen equipment, which drives the screen box to vibrate through the vibrating motor, and vibrates and separates materials through the screen mesh.

Different working principles: the vibrating screen machine drives the screen box to vibrate through the vibrating motor. The material moves along a straight line on the screen surface. The materials are divided into different particle sizes according to different screen sizes. In the process of screening sand and gravel, the equipment does not vibrate, but rolls through the bearing roller of general motor and reducer. Due to the rolling of the drum and the size of the screen, the sand will jump smoothly into the drum.

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